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What to think about when inviting Influencers to host Live Events on your website

Hosting Live Events with Influencers on your own website has great benefits while maintaining the strengths of your Influencer program.

Influencers are great. They bring a human approach to your brand, connect with your audience in a way that is unique to them and extend your reach to new audiences. They are a powerful, human-centric part of your marketing strategy that has largely been relegated to social channels or private Zoom events. But while results focus on top of funnel metrics like new followers, reach and engagement they fail to recognize some of the most important KPIs. What if you could easily add conversion rate and AOV to the list of metrics you track for your influencer program, without a spreadsheet in sight?

Enter influencer-led live events hosted directly on your website – a strategy that compliments (not replaces) your influencer strategy on social platforms. Hosting Live Events with Influencers on your own website has great benefits while maintaining the strengths of your Influencer program.

First and foremost: Don’t lose their reach! Broadcast to social channels simultaneously

A major strength of an Influencer is their audience. Harness that reach by simultaneously broadcasting from your website and to an influencer's best performing social channels. That way people can view the event in their preferred social channel, but to get access to coupons and featured products, they will have to come directly to where the event is hosted - your site.

Drive traffic and own the experience

The biggest benefit to hosting Live Events on your own website instead of on social platforms is that you get to own the experience - your branding, your people, your products all uniquely positioned for your current and future customers. Sort of like hosting someone at your house vs meeting at a park.

BONUS: Access both zero and first party data while people are engaging with the Live Event.

Use custom urls to promote and track rsvps ahead of the live event. Not just for influencers, but for all your marketing - use unique urls to drive event signups and track those channels all the way through to conversion. Use this information in the future to optimize which channels you use for event promotion or run A/B tests.

More than views and meager conversion

By hosting the event on your website, you have access to a robust dashboard of data, helping you understand your Return on Effort and learning what works (and what doesn’t) for your audience, unlocking the potential for a better customer experience and more conversions for you.

Leveraging your Influencer program is just one way you can bring Live Events to your audience. Ready to get started?

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