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Live Polls 101: An Introduction to a Game-Changing Audience Engagement Tool

Unlock valuable insights and engage customers with live polls. Discover how easy it is to use and the benefits it offers.

Introducing Live Polls

At Social Chat we are committed to innovating the way people shop, and connect with their customers. In that spirit, we are excited to launch a new feature, Live Polls, which are designed to make customers' shopping experience even more interactive and personalized. With Live Polls, customers can vote in real-time during live shopping events and brands can gauge interest on a wide range of topics. 


Three Key Benefits of Using Live Polls

1. Engagement

Live polls are a fun and interactive way for brands to engage with their customers. By allowing customers to share their thoughts and opinions, businesses create a sense of community and encourage participation, which helps to create a more enjoyable and memorable experience for customers.

2. Data Gathering

Live polls gather valuable data about customer preferences and habits, which can be used for product development and marketing strategy. By understanding what customers are looking for, brands can create products and services that meet their needs and desires. 

3. Community Building

Live polls foster a sense of community among customers by allowing them to share their thoughts and opinions in a shared space. By giving customers a platform to express themselves, businesses can create a sense of belonging and encourage customers to come back for future events. This is especially valuable for businesses looking to build a loyal customer base.


Examples of Live Polls

1. Fashion

Fashion brands can use live polls to gauge interest in new trends and guide their product development.


3. Skincare 

Skincare brands can use live polls to understand their customers' skincare habits and suggest complementary products.

2. Health & Wellness

Health and wellness brands can use live polls to understand their customers' habits and suggest ways to improve their overall well-being.

3. Cosmetic & Makeup

Makeup brands can use live polls to understand their customers' preferred makeup styles and create content accordingly.


Ready to Get Started?

If you're ready to start using live polls to engage with your customers and gather valuable insights, our knowledge base article can help you use live polls in just a few easy steps. On the other hand, if you're a first-time user, you can request a demo by clicking here.

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