5 Reasons You Should be Offering Live Shopping THIS holiday Season

You don't have to have a professional host, or scripted show to get started with Live Events. Engage your customers this holiday season with Live Events.

While the marketing plans have been baked for quite some time - unlike all the pies in the coming weeks - there is a lot to be gained from doing live events on your website this holiday season, and it doesn’t take much to start! If you find your numbers softer than projected, live events can be the quick solution to finishing the year strong.

Easy to Start

You don’t need to plan hours of content for your Live Event. Events can come in all shapes and sizes - 5, 15, 20, 30 minutes is all it takes to connect with your audience in an authentic way directly from your website. Feature holiday product launches , demo products so shoppers get an even better understanding of what you offer, and highlight holiday promotions. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel – think of live events as a different, more engaging way to relay important information to holiday shoppers.

Move Excess Product - FAST

If global supply chain issues have left you with excess inventory, discounting isn’t the only solution to selling that excess supply. Feature your product or products on a Live Event to drive sales and if you use multi-streaming (see reason 3) you can encourage viewers on social to come to your site with exclusive discount codes, live chat, and a seamless checkout experience.

Easy to Promote

Our suite of tools allows you to seamlessly promote your event across your website and your preferred channels including email, social, and more. When it comes time to go live, multi-streaming will connect you to your social audiences in real time where you can invite them to come to your site to shop the products and promotions you are featuring exclusively on your site.

Connect with Influencers

Invite influencers to come broadcast directly from your site so customers can interact directly with their favorite personalities to make purchasing decisions. Engage an influencers’ audience and your own by using multi streaming which allows you to simultaneously stream to your website and social channels. Role based access restricts an influencer’s access to sensitive information, keeping your data yours.

Track and Retain new and returning customers

Broadcasting from your website gives customers a unique opportunity to have a personal connection with the brand from the start. Returning customers will better understand your product or even learn new ways to use it and because it is all contained on your website, you own the experience and the data.

See a higher ROI this holiday season by integrating Live Events into your marketing strategy.

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