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10 Benefits of Live Shopping for Cosmetic, Health & Wellness, and Fashion Brands

Here are ten key benefits of Live Shopping for Cosmetic, Health & Wellness, and Fashion Brands.

What is Live Shopping?

Live shopping, also known as live commerce, is a trend that has exploded in popularity in recent years, particularly in the cosmetic, fashion, and health/wellness industries. Live shopping allows customers to interact with products and brands in real-time, through live streaming video, interactive chat, and direct checkout. This immersive shopping experience offers a number of benefits for both consumers and brands, including the ability to see before you buy, get personalized recommendations, and build a sense of community with customers. 


Top 10 Benefits of Live Shopping for Cosmetic, Fashion, Health & Wellness Brands:

1. Increased Sales

Live shopping can help drive immediate sales by showcasing products in real-time and offering special discounts or promotions to viewers. In fact, companies like Hairstory have seen purchase rates of up to 22%!


2. Real-time Product Demonstrations

Live shopping events can provide an opportunity for brands to demonstrate how their products work and how they can be used, which can help customers feel more confident in their purchasing decisions.


3. Improved Customer Experience

Live shopping allows brands to interact directly with customers, answer questions, and provide personalized recommendations. This can be done through public live events or 1:1 private video consultations


4. Greater Reach

Live shopping events can help increase brand visibility by reaching an audience beyond social media. Drive traffic to your events through email, social, and organic website traffic to maximize attendance. 


5. Increased Customer Trust

Live shopping is one of the most authentic forms of social proof. By allowing brands to demonstrate the quality of their products without filters, or over-productionalized videos, brands can build trust with customers who get to see products in real time.


6. Improved Customer Retention 

By providing a more personalized and interactive shopping experience, live shopping can help build brand loyalty and encourage customers to return for future purchases. 


7. Greater Differentiation 

Live shopping is a unique content offering that most brands don’t take full advantage of. By providing a more interactive and personalized shopping experience for customers, brands can help differentiate themselves from competitors.


8. Enhanced Product Education

Live shopping events can provide an opportunity for brands to educate customers about their products and how to use them. 


9. Improved Data Collection

By hosting live shopping events on your website, brands capture valuable 1st party data and insights into customer preferences and behavior, which can help inform future marketing and product development efforts. 


10. Access an Analytics Dashboard

By using live shopping, brands get access to a rich analytics dashboard that gives them insights into customer behavior which can be used for more accurate retargeting and personalization. 

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